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Buy high-quality Colorbond® carports, garages, sheds and backyard studio kits in Newcastle from Modern Steel Buildings.

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Authorised distributor of Stramit® buildings.

We are an authorised distributor of Stramit® buildings, providing an extensive range of high-quality Stramit® sheds. Being one of Australia’s largest steel manufacturers and a leading service provider in the shed industry, we have partnered with Stramit® to offer our customers the best sheds at highly competitive prices. You can get your very own Stramit shed today!


Welcome to Modern Steel Buildings (MSB) Newcastle. Home of Australia’s best-designed steel kit sheds, carports, garages and steel buildings at competitive online prices.

MSB offers weekly deliveries into Newcastle with a local manufacturing facility based at 17 Nelson Rd, Cardiff NSW 2285. With a manufacturing facility based in Newcastle, we are able to offer Free or Discounted delivery into the local areas.

If you are a Newcastle homeowner and are wanting to improve your property by adding a Carport, Shed, or Patio then we can help you make this happen.

MSB offers a full range of pre-designed and engineered DIY Carport kits & Shed Kits.

  • Shed Kits
  • Carport Kits
  • Garage KIts
  • Patio Kits
  • Kit Homes
  • Studio & backyard office kits

MSB offers a 100% free design consultation service to help you get the right building for your property. MSB are specialists in DIY kit buildings, meaning we can create a design that is perfect for your requirements, right down to the millimetre and colour options.

Many of our Newcastle customers choose us because we offer;

  • Australia’s best-quality Steel
  • 100% BlueScope Steel
  • 100% Genuine Australian Colorbond
  • Flexible design and size options
  • Fast quoting process and delivery lead times
  • Highly competitive prices
  • 100% Free design consultation
  • Unbeatable aftersales service

All you need to do is obtain your council’s approval and arrange the installation. to start your council approval process, you will need to contact Newcastle Council to obtain your application forms and familiarise yourself with the process.

Start planning today by contacting us to obtain pricing and drawings for a design and building type that suits your requirements for your property.

Call us on 0425 350 013 or email us through the contact form below.

Based on 5 reviews
Brenton McLeod
Brenton McLeod
Brett is very helpful and great to deal with. We will continue to use him for all of our steel patio and carport needs.
What can 1 say with Brett at MSB from start to finish with getting the shed design to delivery, and when need help with question with the shed plan was there to help. Thanks Brett
Mike Katz
Mike Katz
Very happy with our carport purchased from Modern Steel Buildings. Brett was very helpful in the design stage and provided lots of great advice and support. The carport was delivered and looks great. We had some minor issues with damaged panels on supply, but Brett spoke with the local supplier and the items were replaced at no cost within a few days. Would use Modern Steel Buildings again if we ever need a shed or carport.
Jake Bracken
Jake Bracken
We are so happy with our double gable carport! Brett was so easy to deal with, we had so many questions before ordering the materials and Brett always answered quickly and professionally! Highly recommend Modern Steel Buildings
Ian Batchelor
Ian Batchelor
Excellent carport. Really shows off the driveway and unit as well as being good protection for the car from the sun. With mine I ordered it a bit longer so I can get my trailer in front of the car so everything looks tidy from the street. Brett was always there if you needed any information at all. Wasn't too long after ordering it that the carport was delivered to my address and may I say well packed and secured with no damage. Would recommend this company. Ian Batchelor.
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Dressing up your driveway with a new carport does not have to cost as much as you think. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a DIY steel building from MSB. MSB have a full range of carports in a variety of different roof sizes including the following roof size and price options.

  • Single Carports starting from $3,100
  • Double Carports Starting from $4,350

For a custom quote, please contact us. These prices are based on skillion roof designs for Wind Region A in a low wind area.



Please provide detailed information to ensure an accurate quote.







    Below is the delivery zone to which we offer a free or discounted delivery service. we cover central Newcastle and out into the surrounding rural areas. If you are unsure if you are eligible for free delivery, please discuss this with your design consultant.


    Based at 17 Nelson Road in Cardiff / Newcastle. Our customers can choose to pick up from this location or we can deliver from this location. Please discuss pick-up options with our sales team if you have any questions about pick-up options.


    • Address: 17 Nelson Rd, Cardiff, Newcastle NSW 2285.


    • Phone: 0425350013 or Email:


    • Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm

    Discover the most extensive range of carport and shed options available in Newcastle.

    At MSB, we provide a wide variety of shed and carport styles and types to suit your needs in Newcastle, New South Wales. Our carport collection includes hip, roof, Dutch Gable, straight traditional Gable, and flat or skillion roofs. Our shed designs come in Gable and skillion roof and can be tailored to any size, from small residential to large commercial.

    Whether you want to enhance your driveway or add value to your property with a new shed, MSB has the perfect size, design, and options to meet your needs from our wide selection.

    Manufacturers Warranty 20 Years

    Our products come with a warranty of up to 20 years. At MSB, we partner with the best steel manufacturers in Australia and only supply 100% Australian-made Colourbond® and Bluescope Steel for all structural components, roof and wall sheeting, guttering, rainwater components, and flashings. All of these components are made using genuine BlueScope and Colorbond® materials that BlueScope provides. The warranty is subject to the proximity of the build to the ocean and how well the shed is cared for. To maintain the validity of your warranty, it is important to keep your shed clean and free from dirt and corrosive environments.

    Flexible design options

    At MSB, we provide a range of sheds and carports that are flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether you require a single or double carport, or something in between, we can accommodate your needs. Our options include low roofs, pitches up to steep roof pitches, and the ability to move columns to preferred locations. We also offer customizable shed designs with various sizes and heights, door opening sizes for roller doors and personal access doors, and the option to include windows and glass sliding doors. All of these features can be located anywhere within the building to meet your design requirements.


    Our buildings offer a variety of optional features such as roller doors, personal access doors, windows, glass sliding doors, ventilation, insulation, and more. You can customize your building to meet your specific needs. We can incorporate any of these optional features into your building design to ensure that they are properly integrated within the overall scope of your building.

    Transform your NEWCASTLE driveway with a carport from MSB.

    If you’re searching for a way to enhance your driveway and boost your Newcastle home’s curb appeal, consider a gorgeous new steel carport from MSB. We provide various carport options, including pitched Gable roof, hip roof, Dutch Gable, and flat roof styles. Our carports are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and high-quality. You can choose from a variety of colours to truly elevate the appearance of your home’s front.


    If you’re looking for a shed to create a new workspace or storage area on your property, we can help you design a high-quality and visually appealing shed that adds value to your Newcastle property. Our design options include features such as a low or steep roof pitch, additional height, mezzanine floors, and multiple cladding options that allow you to create a unique masterpiece from the ground up with MSB

    Quality and Robust building materials

    At MSB, we design all our sheds for carports using the finest quality building materials in Australia. This includes Bluescope Steel and authentic Colorbond® steel that is made in Australia. Additionally, we use galvanised brackets that are high in tensile strength for all connection points. Our combination of building materials is of exceptional quality and durability and meets the highest standards in Australia. Rest assured that MSB provides you with the highest quality Australian steel sheds and carports.

    Professional design services

    MSB offers a professional design service to help our Newcastle customers get the perfect shed or carport. Our design consultants provide a free 30-minute consultation to discuss different options and ensure that we understand our customers’ needs. To schedule a consultation, customers can call us or request a call back via email. If customers already know what they want and have measurements, they can also submit a quote request via our contact form. We’ll provide pricing, architectural drawings, and a formal quotation to help you make an informed decision.

    Match your surroundings.

    When selecting a design and building materials for your shed or carport, it is important to consider how it will fit in with your surroundings. We can assist you in creating a design that complements the environment and surrounding color schemes. Our goal is to ensure that the building blends seamlessly with its surroundings and synchronizes nicely with the natural landscape.


    What’s included in the carport or shed kit?

    Our carport and shed kits provide everything needed for construction, including structural steel components, roof and wall sheeting, guttering, rainwater components, downpipes, brackets, and fasteners. Additionally, a construction guide is included to assist with installing your building kit.

    Do I need council approval?

    Before building a shed or carport on your property, it’s important to check with your local council authority to see if you need approval. While most properties require council approval, some rural properties may be exempt. Contact the planning and development department via phone to obtain the specific requirements for building on your property.

    How long does it take to build a double carport?

    The construction of a double carport can vary in terms of time frame, but typically it takes two tradespeople around 2 to 3 days to finish a standard one. However, the duration of the project may depend on the type of footing and concrete that will be used, as well as the roof style and construction complexity.

    How close can I build a carport to my property boundary?

    To determine the maximum distance you can build up to the property boundary, it’s important to check with your local council. The height limit can vary depending on factors such as the proximity to a street or a neighbouring property. Usually, the limit is around 900 millimetres, but it’s best to confirm with your council to get accurate information. They can provide you with this information over the phone.

    How much is a double carport? (20x20ft or 6m x 6m)

    If you’re interested in a double carport, the cost of a kit can vary depending on the type of roof you choose. Generally, you’ll find prices ranging from $4,200 to $9,000. For a more affordable option, consider a skillion or Gable roof. If you’d like a more high-end option, a Dutch Gable or hip-end roof carport would be suitable.

    Can I put a roller door on a carport?

    If you’re interested in installing a roller door on your carport, you can contact a local roller door installation company to do a conversion on the existing structure. This will involve adding in the necessary tracks for the roller doors and setting it up to function properly. Alternatively, you could also purchase a pre-designed carport with a roller door already included. If you’re interested in this option, simply give us a call and we can provide you with a free quote.

    Can I enclose the walls on a carport?

    It is possible to add walls to your carport, but it’s important to keep in mind that carports are designed to be open structures that allow wind to flow through. By adding walls, you create a surface that wind can push against, which can be problematic. To address this issue, it’s recommended to add additional bracing to counteract the wind’s effects. So, while adding walls is an option, it’s important to carefully consider all factors before doing so.