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DIY Sheds For Sale – Build your own Shed, or engage with a local builder.


Custom Shed Kits

If you’re looking for a shed kit that fits your needs perfectly, you may consider buying a pre-designed kit and having it delivered.

This option is excellent whether you’re a DIY enthusiast who loves building things independently or you prefer to hire a local builder. MSB’s shed kits have become a popular choice for many.

Best prices on shed kits for sale online

Take advantage of the best prices for shed kits for sale online and customise your design to satisfy your unique requirements. If you find a cheaper price online, we will always beat it – Gauranteed!

We provide a wide range of buildings, from small to large residential designs to larger rural and acreage-size buildings. All of them can be customised based on your preferences. You can design the shed of your dreams that suits your specific needs, whether it’s a workshop shed, storage shed, garden shed, and so much more.

All our designs are tailored to your specific site requirements, providing certified and heavy-duty structures that are both stylish and functional.


What are the different shed kit roof style options?

There are many options when it comes to shed kits; here are a few of our most popular design options.

Flat Roof shed kits

Flat roof sheds are a mono-pitch design that uses one single rafter from one side to the other, giving you that free span from side to side and providing a nice even appearance and functional internal space.

Gable roof shed kits

Gable roof sheds are a pitched roof design that allows for additional interior headroom and offers a traditional pitched roof appearance. This shed style is most commonly used to achieve a greater span between columns and is also a traditional building design method that can easily match the roof pitch of any home or nearby building.

Skillion roof shed kits

The Skillion roof shed offers an elegant, modern, and economical roof design. Utilising a single rafter from side to side, the skillion roof line can be both an architectural masterpiece and a simple design to construct.

What are the different custom shed kit design options?

There are many design options when it comes to shed kits; here are a few of our most popular design options.

Farm, rural & acreage shed kits

Create a design suitable for your farm, acreage, or rural setting, with the option to customise a design fit for purpose. We offer a range of farm sheds and acreage sheds for your rural property.

Barn shed kits

The design of a custom Barn shed kit is flexible, as we can adjust heights, lengths and spans to suit your needs. If you are looking for a barn that provides this unique style and functionality delivered to you in kit form, request a quote today.

Workshop shed kits

Customise the ideal workshop shed kit for your property to give you the space you need to work on your projects. Make it your own by adjusting bay sizes, door locations, and more.

Storage shed kits

If you need more storage space and are looking for a storage shed kit, simply create a sketch of what you would like, and we will turn that sketch into workable drawings.

Shed kits with mezzanine floors

You can include a mezzanine floor in your design for a larger shed with a higher wall height. Our shed kits with mezzanine floors are a great way to get extra storage space inside your shed.

Stramit Sheds

Authorised distributor of Stramit® buildings.

We are an authorised distributor of Stramit® buildings, providing an extensive range of high-quality Stramit® sheds. Being one of Australia’s largest steel manufacturers and a leading service provider in the shed industry, we have partnered with Stramit® to offer our customers the best sheds at highly competitive prices. You can get your very own Stramit shed today!

Stramit® Shed Kits

MSB is an authorised distributor for Stramit® Buildings, Australia’s leading brand of affordable, high-quality sheds.

Australian-made steel shed kits

Made from Australian steel, which guarantees the highest quality, it has a steel warranty of up to 20 years.

Stramit roofing & cladding

We use Stramit® roofing, wall cladding, and rainwater products on our sheds and buildings. We offer a range of Monoclad® and Corrugated as standard, with other cladding and roofing profile options available on request.

Call our national head office to speak with a professional shed design consultant who can assist you from wherever you are in Australia by manufacturing locally from 13 locations across the country.

Kingaroy Shed Kits Optional Extras and Upgrades

What other shed products are available?

Make your new shed even more special with our range of optional extras.

MSB offers an assortment of add-ons to personalise your shed and improve its convenience and functionality.

These include the following;

  • Mezzanine floor for extra storage,
  • roller doors of different sizes for easy entry,
  • personal access doors for private use,
  • windows with or without fly screens,
  • glass sliding doors for a more welcoming entrance and more natural light,
  • whirlybirds to regulate ventilation and remove hot air,
  • vermin proofing to keep the snakes out,
  • internal dividing walls to create separate rooms and
  • wall and roof insulation to keep your space cozy.

If you want more information on these optional extras, please discuss this with your design consultant during the quotation stage.

GENUINE Colorbond®

Colorbond Sheds

Colorbond® sheds have become an Australian icon over the past 50 years, creating that great Australian place to hang with mates, spend time with family or create a space to get away from it all. Every Australian deserves a chance to build their own Colorbond® shed kit.

Colorbond colours

The colour coating paint technology used on Colorbond® steel for our sheds is of the highest quality in the world and has undergone rigorous testing in the harsh Australian climate for over 50 years. Colorbond® provides a range of 22 colours, which can blend your shed into its surroundings and match in with existing buildings.

MSB - Shed Kits Brisbane

Australia wide delivery

We have partnered with the national manufacturing locations of Stramit®, which has 26 locations across Australia. This partnership allows us to deliver our shed kit orders to most areas in Australia, including;

  • Queensland (QLD),
  • New South Wales (NSW),
  • Victoria (VIC),
  • Tasmania (TAS),
  • South Australia (SA), and
  • Western Australia (WA).

We offer free or discounted delivery for most areas within the standard delivery range; T’s & C’s apply.

FAQ’s about building one of our shed kits

Do I need building approval to build a shed?

When planning to build a shed, it’s essential to know that council approval may be necessary in most cases. However, you may be exempt if you’re building a small shed in a residential area or a specific size building in a rural area. To ensure compliance with regulations, your first step should be to contact your local council and speak with someone from the building and planning department. They can provide guidance and information on the approval process. For additional building and planning approval resources, please refer to this link.

Can I build my own shed?

In Australia, it is possible to construct your own Class 10 building if you adhere to the specifications outlined in your shed supplier’s engineering and construction guide. It is crucial to remember that the law mandates obtaining an owner-builder license to construct your shed, which is a straightforward process that usually requires half a day to complete the course and may cost around $500.

What is included in my shed kit?

Your order will include everything you need to complete the project. From a standard design, you can expect to have included your steel frame members, connection brackets, roof sheeting, wall sheeting, nuts, bolts, screws etc, as well as your rainwater product, such as gutters, downpipes and nozzle. You will also receive all flashings for your edges and corners. If you have ordered ashed with roller doors or personal access doors or windows, all of this will also be included, as well as the associated items required for each, such as door jams, flashings, brackets, etc. We aim to provide a comprehensive kit that includes all the necessary items.

How long does it take for my shed kit to be delivered once it’s ordered?

We usually allow a couple of days for processing and around four weeks for manufacturing, so the faster we get your order into the system, the faster the shed can be delivered. However, due to high demand, our lead times can sometimes be extended, so it’s always best to ask our friendly team prior to placing your order.

How much does it cost to build a shed?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. However, as a general rule, a shed builder can charge approximately 30-40% of the kit price + concrete slab and access equipment. As a rule of thumb, if you double the kit cost, that will be your total build cost. For example, if a shed kit was $20,000, you can expect to spend another $20,000 on the build and concrete slab combined.

Where does MSB manufacture shed kits?

We have 13 manufacturing sites within Australia, based in major cities and regional towns and cities. Here is a list of some of our main manufacturing areas.



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