How to build a DIY Carport kit from Modern Steel Buildings.

If you are planning to build a DIY Carport Kit, you will need to have a bit of an idea of how things go together and some building knowledge – this will help you. If you are completely new to building, then it’s still possible, but I would suggest you get familiar with the construction guide and the name and use of each component.

Ultimately, if you have some building knowledge then building your Carport Kit should be relatively straightforward.

Here is a basic step-by-step process that you would need to follow.

  1. Mark out your post locations
  2. Position your posts using temporary bracing to keep steady while pouring concrete or bolting down to concrete
  3. Cement in or bolt down your posts in the correct locations
  4. Raise your side bearers into place and bolt them onto each end
  5. On the ground, bolt your rafters together with the apex bracket (Gable roof only)
  6. Bolt your rafter-to-bearer connection brackets onto your bearers. These holes will be pre-punched so you don’t need to measure out locations.
  7. Using the rafters you have bolted together on the ground, raise into place, on one side, and insert the bolt. raise the opposite side and insert the bolt, brace and complete all bolts.
  8. Using Top-span members (roofing battens in builders’ language) screw to rafters at the recommended spacings outlined in your construction guide.
  9. Lift roof sheets into place and screw them down using the roof screws provided.
  10. Once both sides are sheeted, position the ridge cap into place to cover the gap in the middle between the two sides and screw it down
  11. Screw on gutter brackets to side bearers
  12. Clip guttering onto the gutter brackets
  13. Pop rivet the end caps to your gutters – don’t forget to use some silicone
  14. For a gable roof, trim down your gable end infill sheets to a 15,20, 25, or 30 deg angle and fit accordingly, and screw to fix
  15. Finally, lift barge cap flashings into place to finish the edges and give it the polished look

This is a basic overview with more detail available in the construction guide that will be provided upon purchase of your Carport Kit as well as other documents such as:

A set of plans and elevation drawings specific to the building you have ordered.

  • Construction guide to assist with construction
  • Slab and layout drawings specific to the dimensions of your building
  • Pier and or footing details for your concrete
  • Signed and certified Engineers’ drawings
  • Certificate of compliance for council approval

Follow this link for more information on our Carport Kits.