Are shed kits easy to build?

If you are planning to build your shed, firstly check with your local council if this is an option for you, as in many cases your shed will need to be built by a licensed builder. There is a way around this though and that is to become an owner builder. You can read more about owner builders for sheds and carports requirements here.

So, you are about to get started, your shed kit has been delivered and you are ready to go.

The first thing is first – get your concrete slab poured and cured before building this help to protect the concrete from footprints, cracks, and low spots.

Once you have your slab down, follow this process:

  • lay out your footing brackets in the correct locations and bolt them down
  • Lay out your columns and rafters into position on the ground, along with apex bracket and haunch (Knee) brackets, then bolt them all together. all of these holes should be pre-punch ready for bolted connections. this will make up your portal frames.
  • once your portal frames are connected, take your end wall portal and put one bolt through the column and the footing bracket, and lift upright, once upright, brace and add in additional bolts.
  • Follow this process for the remaining portals. No matter how large your shed is, this process is the same.
  • The next step is to fix your wall girts and roof battens at 400mm spacings or the recommended spacing on your engineering plan specific to your shed. do this for your walls and roof.
  • now, it’s time to stand your cladding and start sheeting the walls and roof of your shed.
  • then, screw on your gutter brackets and attach your guttering.
  • install the roller doors, personal access doors, and windows

In conclusion, your shed kit will be simple in design, and easy to follow the design method, however, actually building your shed kit may require some muscle and onsite problem-solving. If you have to build knowledge the design principles of your shed kit should make sense and you would likely be able to follow them to completion.

How long will it take to build my shed kit?

As we supply all sizes of sheds, it can be difficult to determine exactly how long it would take to build a shed kit. However, let’s say for example you have a 6m x 6m x 2.7m shed with a 15-degree roof pitch and a large roller door in the front.

Following the above building process, you would allow the following to get your shed kit completely installed.

  1. Allow one day – to mark out footings, identify parts, and bolting rafters and columns together.
  2. Allow one day – standing the portals, bolting them down, and installing wall girts and roof battens
  3. Allow one day – to fit the roof sheets and the wall sheets, including any personal doors or windows.
  4. Allow one day – for installing the roller door and finishing it off.

This is assuming there are two people building and that you are taking your time to get it right. A skilled and experienced builder could do it in one or two days.