Buy high quality Steel Kit Homes designed for the owner builder from Modern Steel Buildings.


If you are planning on embarking on an owner-builder journey and you like the look of our modern steel building kit home designs, then we would love to partner with you.

We can guide you through the process by giving you a cost-effective kit home with everything you need to get to lock-up stage. We will also provide a cost template so you can calculate the entire build cost, not just the steel kit home delivered from MSB.

We have a range of modern kit homes to suit your needs. The kit homes use Colorbond® steel, which provide a wide range of colours and versatile profiles allowing you to create a cost effective ‘build your own home’ solution with a modern architectural look and finish.

You can build a beautiful home as an owner-builder; you do not need to go through a home builder to get the home that you want. If you can manage the trades and the build process, then you can build it yourself as an owner-builder. By doing this, you have more control over costs, you do not pay the 20% or 30% margins that builders put on top of products, and you can do the whole build cheaper.

Let’s look at the kit home designs we have to offer:

We like to keep things simple…

  • Large Open Plan: 220m2
  • Medium Open Plan: 190m2
  • Small Open Plan: 160m2

At MSB, we keep the floor plan simple so that you can make your own modifications after completion. We give you enough to get you started and to lock-up stage, then from there you can use your own creativity and styling.

What’s included:

  • Building plans, site plan and specifications for council
  • Energy efficiency rating certificate
  • Certificate of compliance for class 1A liveable dwelling
  • Slab design and engineering
  • Prefabricated frames and trusses
  • Sarking and thermofoil
  • Roof sheeting
  • Wall cladding
  • Corner flashings
  • Guttering and downpipes
  • Fasteners and fixings
  • Windows and doors
  • Roof and wall Insulation.

Here’s what’s not included:

  • Everything else…

Our kit gives you just enough to get you started. From here you can select your own materials, features and fixtures, floor plan and live the way you want. Create something different, that is unique to you, your family and your lifestyle.

What else do I need to consider before building a kit home?

There is a lot to consider when building a home, here is a guide that will help you prepare.

The total cost of your build is the most important, so here’s a list of other important items you will need to add into your budget.

  • Certification through a certifier
  • Connection to certifiers
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Concrete slab
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Internal wall lining
  • Hot water
  • Aircon / heating
  • Septic (if remote)
  • Security screens

If you want to learn more about our kit homes or would like some guidance on the process, please feel free to call us on 0425350013 or email

We look forward to working with you on your owner builder journey.

Kit Homes
Shed House - Modern Steel Buildings
Shed House - Modern Steel Buildings
Shed House - Modern Steel Buildings
Shed House - Modern Steel Buildings


Need help getting that idea out of your head and into a design with plans to go with it?

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