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Buy easy-to-build Shed kits and Carport kits made from Genuine BlueScope and Colorbond® steel in Brisbane at Modern Steel Buildings.

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Authorised distributor of Stramit® buildings.

We are an authorised distributor of Stramit® buildings, providing an extensive range of high-quality Stramit® sheds. Being one of Australia’s largest steel manufacturers and a leading service provider in the shed industry, we have partnered with Stramit® to offer our customers the best sheds at highly competitive prices. You can get your very own Stramit shed today!

Carport Kits Brisbane


Are you in search of top-quality Shed Kits Brisbane or Carport Kits Brisbane? Look no further than the Modern Steel Buildings (MSB) team. Our Australian-made steel buildings are durable and stylish and can be customised to perfectly fit your property. We use only genuine Colorbond® and BlueScope Steel, ensuring that your investment will last for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive prices and any current sales promotions.

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Based on 5 reviews
Brenton McLeod
Brenton McLeod
Brett is very helpful and great to deal with. We will continue to use him for all of our steel patio and carport needs.
What can 1 say with Brett at MSB from start to finish with getting the shed design to delivery, and when need help with question with the shed plan was there to help. Thanks Brett
Mike Katz
Mike Katz
Very happy with our carport purchased from Modern Steel Buildings. Brett was very helpful in the design stage and provided lots of great advice and support. The carport was delivered and looks great. We had some minor issues with damaged panels on supply, but Brett spoke with the local supplier and the items were replaced at no cost within a few days. Would use Modern Steel Buildings again if we ever need a shed or carport.
Jake Bracken
Jake Bracken
We are so happy with our double gable carport! Brett was so easy to deal with, we had so many questions before ordering the materials and Brett always answered quickly and professionally! Highly recommend Modern Steel Buildings
Ian Batchelor
Ian Batchelor
Excellent carport. Really shows off the driveway and unit as well as being good protection for the car from the sun. With mine I ordered it a bit longer so I can get my trailer in front of the car so everything looks tidy from the street. Brett was always there if you needed any information at all. Wasn't too long after ordering it that the carport was delivered to my address and may I say well packed and secured with no damage. Would recommend this company. Ian Batchelor.

GENUINE Colorbond®

At MSB, our top priority is to provide our customers with authentic, Australian-made Colorbond® steel. This brand is owned by BlueScope Steel, a well-established Australian company. The paint technology used in Colorbond® steel is globally renowned for its superior quality and has been rigorously tested in the harsh Australian climate. On the other hand, similar products from foreign countries lack the same level of technology and do not last as long. We offer Colorbond® Carports and Colorbond® Sheds in a broad range of 22 colours, which you can explore by clicking on the link provided. Additionally, the matte range of colours is a popular choice that adds a refined touch to any steel building.


AUSTRALIAN BlueScope Steel.

At MSB, we use only the highest-grade Australian-made BlueScope and authentic Colorbond® steel for all our steel buildings. This is because the high-tensile materials used in the production of Australian steel purlins and girts have a steel tensile rating of either G450, G500, or G550, which guarantees a robust and long-lasting final product. Moreover, the steel is coated with a top-notch galvanised coating, with a minimum of Z350, to provide added protection. Prior to production, the steel undergoes thorough testing to ensure quality and sustainability. We believe that by using Australian steel in our steel building construction, we provide unparalleled strength and reliability.


We are your go-to supplier in Brisbane for DIY steel structures, including carport kits and shed kits. Our products are designed to make installation a breeze with a flat-packed kit that is easy to assemble. We offer a variety of design options to provide you with the perfect solution for your DIY project. Our comprehensive kits come with all the necessary components for a successful completion, making MSB the ideal choice for owner-builders. We also provide the required paperwork and certification for speedy council approval.

MSB - Shed Kits Brisbane
Custom Sheds Brisbane


Our shed designs are the perfect blend of style and functionality for your property. We provide customisation options for the width, height, and length of the shed and the size of the door openings. Additionally, we offer various cladding options, including Colorbond’s Corrugated profile, Monoclad profile, and even horizontal cladding. You can also add optional extras and product upgrades as per your requirements. At MSB, we understand that every shed is unique, just like you, and we believe in a well-planned process to ensure that you get the right building for your property.


Can’t find what you’re after in our standard designs? Why not create your own design using our variety of roof styles and custom design options such as altering the dimensions of the carport the roof pitch as well as the column options. There are many different customizations including colours steel gauge sizes and much more.

Carport Designs
Expert Advice


Designing a shed or carport without the right information can seem overwhelming, but MSB simplifies the process for our customers. We provide a complimentary 30-minute design consultation with our experts, who will help you explore various options and create an affordable design. It’s crucial to discuss the necessary details before making a purchase, so we suggest taking advantage of our free consultation. To arrange your free consultation you can send a message through the contact form below or you can phone us on 0425350013.


Transform your shed or carport into the ultimate space of your dreams by selecting from MSB’s range of optional upgrades. Our upgrades can take your standard model to a premium level with additional features, such as a mezzanine floor for extra storage, roller doors in various sizes for easy access, personal access doors for added privacy, windows with or without fly screens, glass sliding doors for a welcoming entrance and plenty of natural light, whirlybirds for ventilation, vermin proofing to keep pests away, internal dividing walls for separate rooms, and wall and roof insulation for temperature regulation. Create the perfect space for your needs with MSB’s optional extras.

Optional Extras
Skillion Farm Shed


MSB provides a variety of sheds with distinct designs such as Gable roofs and Skillion sheds. These sheds can be tailored to suit your property in numerous ways. The Skillion Roof shed has a single rafter and it’s obtainable in 5,10 and 15-degree roof pitches, while the Gable roof style is accessible in 10 15,20, 22 and 30-degree roof pitches. The Gable roof-style shed has dual rafters that converge in the middle, creating an apex. Both designs offer different roof pitch options, so customers can choose their preferred style.


When choosing a roof style for your carport, there are several options to consider such as skillion, gable, Dutch gable, hip roof, or an attached carport. The Skillion carport roof is available in 5 and 10-degree roof pitches, while the Gable, Dutch Gable, and Hip roofs come in 10, 15, 20, and 25 degrees. The steeper the roof pitch, the higher the roof will be, which provides more space underneath the carport. Each design has its unique benefits and features, and your preference will ultimately determine your choice. It’s essential to consider the surroundings and purpose to ensure a suitable match with the environment.

Hip Roof Carport MSB
Double Carports For Sale MSB


If you’re looking for Carport Kits Brisbane, MSB is the perfect place to start. We can help you choose from a variety of design options, roof styles, upgrades, and extras. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to splurge a little, we offer basic and economical models as well as premium options. To view our extensive range of carports, simply click on the link below. You’ll find all the information you need on our different styles and designs.


When you place an order for a building with MSB, you will receive essential paperwork to assist you in constructing your shed or carport. This documentation will also ensure that you have the necessary paperwork to pass through the council approval process. The paperwork provided to you will include engineering plans, Form 15, architectural plans, slab layout plans, general specifications plans, slab plans, footing and foundation plans, and a construction guide.

Gutters on carports
Sheds Brisbane


At MSB, we offer a diverse selection of sheds that you can personalise to your liking. Our range includes barns, garages, workshops, machinery sheds, hay sheds, farm sheds, storage sheds, and any other type of shed you can imagine. In addition, if you’re looking for a steel roof cover, we have a solution for you. We take pride in delivering top-quality DIY kit buildings at competitive prices, while also offering cost-effective design options and professional guidance to help you with your project.



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At MSB, we provide free or discounted delivery for eligible orders within the delivery zone of Brisbane metro and greater Brisbane areas. Our supply partners’ manufacturing and delivery depot can be found at 57-71 Platinum St, Crestmead QLD 4132. If you want to know whether your order qualifies for FREE or discounted delivery, just talk to our sales team today.


At MSB, our customers are our top priority, and we are committed to providing exceptional service.

At MSB, our highest priority is ensuring that our customers receive exceptional service and are completely satisfied with their experience. We take pride in receiving pictures of happy customers who have successfully used our top-quality materials, specifically designed for their intended purpose. We provide personalized guidance for each project to ensure that all requirements are met accurately, and we offer a precise and fair quote. Our prices are competitive and affordable for customers across Australia seeking great online deals. We prioritize safety and efficiency by delivering high-quality steel materials and all necessary components directly to the building site. We handle the entire ordering process to provide our clients with a seamless and stress-free experience. Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction, going above and beyond to exceed expectations. We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers are thrilled with their DIY kit building, and we are committed to providing the best possible service.


Do I need building approval ?

If you are planning conduct your own building work and manage a construction process in Brisbane, it’s recommended that you contact Brisbane City Council and discuss your plans with them, including the location of the proposed building work on your property. They will provide you with initial information on the permissible distance from boundary lines and the size of the building you’re allowed to build. In most cases a quick phone call to the planning department at Brisbane City Council will be the first step they will be able to quickly identify your property and advise you of the requirements and process to obtain planning approval. You can submit your application directly to the council or through a private certifier to obtain council approval. You must provide a site plan, form 15 and engineering plans of the building you intend to construct which we will provide to you upon order. The council approval process may take three to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of your application. Follow this link for more information.


If you have a current owner builder licence, you have the ability to manage and conduct your own building works in Queensland. This means you can construct a shed, carport, or class 10 building. To obtain an owner-builder licence, you must complete a half-day course that costs around $500. You can then apply for the licence through the QLD Building Commission QBCC. Once you have the license, you can take charge of your project and start working on it. If you want more information on obtaining an owner-builder licence to build a class 10 building in QLD, please check out this link.


Please provide detailed information to ensure an accurate quote.